If you want to become a Broker in the credit services or financial funding industry where you can purchase and resell tradelines to your clients, you can join our re-seller program with Credit Enhancing..  This program allows your clients to remain your clients without having to disclose your source for wholesale tradelines and you can mark up the prices to whatever you want to charge for your services. We can offer you discount pricing that is based on your level of volume you spend with us annually:

-If you’re at the $5000.00 Level you get a 25% Discount

-If you’re at the $15,000.00 Level you get a 35% Discount

-If you’re at the $25,000.00 Level you get a 45% Discount

When you reach your qualifying sales volume you then will receive the corresponding discount for the rest of the current year and the next calendar year.  Each year your volume count resets but your discount status will carry over from the previous year.  For example, if in year 1 you make it to the Professional level, in year 2 you will continue to receive the Professional level discount (20% off) even though your volume count begins the year all over again at zero.  In order to keep the Professional level discount for year 3 you would need to maintain at least $25,000 in sales volume in year 2 in order to continue receiving that same discount for year 3.



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